Review of

Dr. Joe Vitales'
Spiritual Marketing.

Don't let the title of this book mislead you. The word spiritual
has nothing to do with religion.

As Bob Proctor says in the forward: "We are instead referring
to the presence within of the universal spirit...the true self.
Spirit is present and operates in everything."

The second word in the title could just as well be living rather than

Perhaps this book more than any other of Dr. Vitales' books
provides us with a look at the real Joe Vitale.

Originally written for his sister in 1997 with no intention of
releasing it to the public, Joe opens up and admits that roughly
twenty years earlier he was homeless, starving, living in
poverty and shoplifting to eat.

In 1997 when Joe wrote this book, his dream car was a Saturn, and
then he upgraded his dream to a BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster, which he got.

Today Dr. Vitale is a top internet marketer, author, and teacher and
with his contribution to The Secret Movie, appearances on Oprah
Winfrey and Larry King Live, we can add movie star and television
personality to his credentials.

I can't think of a better reason to read this book than the fact
that the man walks his talk.
Unless of course you want to read it because it lays out the exact
formula that he followed to raise himself form the cold grip of
poverty to unbridled success.

In 136 pages, Dr. Vitale maps out his five-step success formula, in
his usual easy to read and captivating style.

As with all books of this type it is filled with real life examples,
the difference being that these rags to riches stories lead you
straight to the conclusion, that – Hey I can do that too.

I was going to list the five-step formula, but since the book is
available as a free download here, go download it and read it
for yourself.

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