Review of Dr. Joe Vitale' and Brad Yates' "Money Beyond Belief! Home Tapping System":

I couldn't have said this better myself ... ;o) Excerpts from their sale's page: "If you want to create money beyond belief the spiritual way. . . even if nothing's worked for you in the past. . ."Give Us 151 Minutes, and We'll Show You 9 Ancient 'Taps' that Lead to Breathtaking Wealth and Abundance -- or You Don't Pay a Penny. "Each Tap Lasts Just 3 Seconds. We'll Walk You Through Over 217 Combinations -- But Just One of Them Can Transform Your Relationship to Money Forever"...

I know exactly where you are coming from. Been there. Done that. Now it's time to do it right ... ;o)

Imagine your life without having to worry about money or your financial security anymore. To get the job done, you have to change your beliefs (what our site here at is all about). There are quite a few programs out there to help you do just that. This particular program is very simple, easy to follow and effective.

When I bought Dr. Joe Vitale' and Brad Yates' "Money Beyond Belief! Home Tapping System," it came with the following bonuses:

  • MBB Wealth Multiplier #1: The Limiting Beliefs Healer MP3
  • MBB Wealth Multiplier #2: The Deserve Reserve Expander MP3
  • MBB Wealth Multiplier #3: Tapping Into Abundance MP3
  • MBB Wealth Multiplier #4: Tapping Into Vibrant Health MP3
  • MBB Wealth Multiplier #5: Laurusnotes: The Lost Keys PDF
  • MBB Wealth Multiplier #6: Guided Toward Abundance MP3 Audio Recording
  • MBB BONUS Wealth Multiplier #7: The Seven Lost Secrets of Success PDF (Out-of-Print -- Priceless)

Dr. Joe Vitale and Brad Yates did an excellent job explaining how to change your beliefs, in detail and simply. Once you complete the program, you're talking less than 6 minutes a day to "multiply" your "wealth mindset" ... Tapping (EFT) can help you, if you let it. If money an issue and you can't afford to buy this system now, go to and enter the letters "EFT" or "Emotional Freedom Technique" and download the free manual by Gary Craig, to get you started.

Take action. If you want to change your beliefs about money, stop procrastinating and get started today! It won't take long, before you'll be glad (elated) that you did ... Believe me, I know.


Have a great day and Remember to Smile and Keep Your Dreams Out in Front of You.


Get your tapping system to change your belief today!

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