The Secret Movie Criticism – A Rebuttal
 Based on science of mind classics The
 Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles
 and The Master Key System, by Charles F.
 Haanel, a sprinkling of quantum-physics,
 metaphysics and recent neuroscience, the
 Secret movie claims that our life is
 determined by what we think and how we feel.
 Filled with inspiring music and
 awe-inspiring visuals this movie sends a
 message of hope to the masses.
 Receiving media attention in the United
 States from notable Television personalities
 Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and Ellen
 DeGeneres, the secret has created a
 firestorm of controversy.
 Most of the critics target the movies
 apparent premise that one can become
 healthy, wealthy and wise by just thinking
 about it.
 Maybe there are two versions of the movie.
 The so-called teachers in the movie I
 watched, while pushing the positive thought,
 positive attitude theme, also implied that
 action is still a necessary ingredient to
 any success.
 I suppose the critics believe we are better
 off with the usual movie fare of murder,
 mayhem and drug abuse.
 Could it be that the Critics mainly
 Psychologists, Psychiatrists and a few
 Church leaders fear that if we learn how
 powerful we really are, we will no longer
 need their services.
 Any self-help book or program worth the
 title includes the instructions to know what
 you want, get excited about it, and then go
 for it.
 The Secret Movie teaches the same sequence
 in a very dramatic way.
 Buy the movie, get comfortable and get ready
 to be spellbound for ninety minutes.
 Understand the message, then take some
 action, quickly! "The universe loves speed"
 Dr Joe Vitale.
 Or you could do as the critics suggest and
 just continue to feel bad, think negative
 thoughts, kick back and blame everyone else
 for your problems and ……well you know the

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