Review of William Walker Atkinson's "The Secret of Success":

In this little 52-page book, the author talks about how YOU can be successful, as an individual. On a side note, the neat thing about this book, is that you can do a Google Search on the title and author and read it online, free of charge ... ;o)

The choice to be successful is really yours. Each and every one of us basically has to lay down our own "law" of what we think it is to be successful, in our own rite. Take responsibility for your success. Note that what I think is a success, may not be a success for you and vice versa. Take the time to read this one, to learn more about how you can do just that.


Here is an excerpt from the first chapter, to give you an idea of where the author is coming from: "It is with some hesitation that we bring ourselves to write this little book, entitled "The Secret of Success." Not that we are not in sympathy with the subject - not that we do not believe that there is a "Secret of Success" - but because there has been so much written on the subject of "Success" that is the veriest twaddle - masses of platitudinous wordiness - that we hesitate to take the position of a teacher of Success. It is so easy to fill pages of paper with good advice - it is so much easier to say things than to do them - so much easier to formulate a code of precepts than to get out into the field of active endeavor and put into practice the same percepts. And, you may imagine why we hesitate to assume a role which would lay us open to the suspicion of being one of the "do as I tell you, and not as I do" teachers of the Art of Success.

But there is another side of the question. There is, besides the mere recital of a List of Good Qualities Leading to Success - a list with which every schoolboy and reader of the magazines is acquainted - a Something Else; and that Something Else, is a suggestion that the Seeker for Success has a Something Within himself which if expressed into activity and action will prove of great value to him - a veritable Secret of Success, instead of a code of rules. And, so we propose to devote this little book to unfolding our idea of what this Something Within is, and what it will do for one who will unfold it and thus express it into action. So, therefore, do not expect to find this book a "Complete Compendium of Rules Conducive to Success, Approved of and Formulated by the Successful Men of the World who became acquainted with these Rules only after they had Attained Success, and consequently had Time and Inclination to Preach to Others." This is not a book of that sort. It is Quite Different. We hope you will like it - it will do you good in any event.


All people are striving and seeking Success. Their idea of Success may differ, but they have all agreed upon the desirability of Attainment. "Attainment"-that is the word, which embodies the essence of that which we call Success. It is the "Getting-There" idea - the idea of Attainment - of Reaching the Goal for which we set out. That is the story - Attainment." ...

If you felt that you were a success, or felt that you were successful, would you not feel good about yourself? ... If you said, "yes," you're definitely getting the idea of what it's all about ... ;o)

William Walker Atkinson's "The Secret of Success" (written in 1907), takes you from talking about the quote unquote Secret of Success, through the Law of Attraction [interesting ... ;o)], the Power of Desire and more. The following is the table of contents for the book:

  • 1. The Secret of Success
  • 2. The Individual
  • 3. Spiritedness
  • 4. Latent Powers
  • 5. Soul-Force
  • 6. The Power of Desire
  • 7. The Law of Attraction
  • 8. Personal Magnetism
  • 9. Attractive Personality
  • 10. An Afterward

I'll leave you with another excerpt from the book: "The old saying that "God helps him who helps himself" is true in more senses than one." Think about it.

Read this one! Take action! Today! The Secret of Success by William Walker Atkinson

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